Are you worried about your flash card security? Do you want to know how to lock compact flash card so that its data could not be accessed by an unauthorized person? If so, then do not worry here is one of the most popular toosl which can easily and effectively lock Compact Flash card with password. Once your flash card is locked with password, it becomes safe and secure and nobody can access your data without your permission.

By locking your compact flash card with password, you can easily protect your private data stored on it from others in just a fraction of seconds. In case if your flash card is misplaced then your data stored on your flash card data might be misused. But, if you have put password on your compact flash card, then your data is not accessible even if you lose your compact flash card.

Apart from this, if you have stored very crucial data on your flash drive which is related to your office work or your business related then it would be better to protect your flash card with password so that nobody can come to know what you have stored on your flash card.

When you are in need of a tool which can assist you in protecting your compact flash card data then need not struggle just make use of Remo MORE to achieve this goal with ease. This tool is developed with aim to provide password to your compact flash card so that its data can be secured in a very effective manner.  Locking your flash card prevents your data from being tempered with ill intention specially in case if your compact flash card falls in wrong hands.

MORE has been appreciated by many software experts for its better, reliable and consistent result. It includes a very robust and complex algorithm developed by highly qualified software professional. Its user friendly interface makes it a matter of cynosure among the software users. This tool locks your flash card with a very strong password security which cannot be cracked at any cost unless you know the right password. Its free availability on internet gives a special dimension of identity to it and any one can download it at any time from internet in just a few click of mouse. This tool also provides you step by step guides regarding the locking procedure of Compact flash card. It is so simple in use that it does not require any type of skill for its operation. In case you want a reliable security of your compact flash card, I would highly recommend making use of MORE application. It can effectively lock your flash card in just a couple of seconds.

Guide on how to lock compact flash card:

Step1: Download and install MORE application on your computer and then connect compact flash card to your system and choose Manage option from home screen.  From next screen select File Manager, now from next screen choose File Protector to password protect Compact Flash card as shown in figure 1.

How to Lock Compact Flash Card - File Protector

Figure I: File Protector

Step2: Now, from this screen choose all your data which you want to lock by selecting Add Folder and click on lock button as shown in figure 2.

How to Lock Compact Flash Card - Select Add Folder

Figure II: Select Add Folder

Step3: After selecting folders as soon as you will click on Lock option, software will start locking process and after successfully locking a completion message will be shown as shown in figure 3.

How to Lock Compact Flash Card - Locked Successfully

Figure III: Locked Successfully